Scottsdale ~ Horse Property ~ Cottage In The Desert

7114 E. Gloria Lane Night7114 E. Gloria lane, Scottsdale, Arizona 85266

7114 E. Gloria Lane, Desert ViewsStunning desert mountain views for sale. Quiet Cottage in the desert on 1.25 acres of pristine Sonoran desert. Mature, natural, saguaros and lush desert vegetation surround this 1,600 sq, ft. updated cottage. Granite counters in the updated kitchen. Corner fireplace in the Family room, sparkling, fenced, play pool and two car garage.

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The Arizona Home Buying Process

The Arizona Home Buying Process

Ahwatukee 3 bedroom 2 car garage

In Arizona, real Estate agents are actually licensed to practice limited real estate law in that they are allowed to write contracts for the sale and purchase of real estate. One of the primary differences Canadians find in the Arizona home buying process is the use of Title companies in Arizona. The title company is a neutral third party to the transaction. The title company will follow the instructions written in the contract and agreed to by both the Buyer and Seller. Title companies cannot alter the contract or create instructions. Title companies are licensed and regulated by the State of Arizona. Title Companies in Arizona handle the transaction, provide all escrow services and Title insurance for the new owner and the lender.

Once a contract is reached between Buyer and Seller, escrow will be opened at a title company.

Escrow is a service provided by the Title company. The easiest visualization I can give you to help you understand the function of escrow is to think of escrow as a big pot which is presided over by the escrow officer. All of the paperwork, the contract, the escrow instructions, the title documents, the loan documents, the money and the keys all go into the pot called escrow. The escrow officer presides over all of the components of the transfer of ownership of the property.

Once you have a contract, it is delivered to the Title company and Escrow is opened, The Title Company/Escrow officer:

Deposits your “good faith” funds in a separate escrow account.
Conducts a title search to determine ownership and status of the property.
Issues a title commitment and begin the process to delete or record items to provide clear title to the property.
Meet all deadlines as specified in the contract.
Request payoff information for the Seller’s loans, other liens, homeowners association fees, etc.
Prorate fees, such as property taxes, per the contract, and prepare a settlement statement.
Set separate appointments for the Seller and Buyer to sign documents (you can sign your documents in Canada if you prefer).
Deposit final funds from the Buyer.
Review documents ensuring all conditions and legal requirements are fulfilled.
When all funds are deposited, record documents at the County Recorder to transfer the subject property to you.
After recordation is confirmed, close escrow and disburse funds, including Seller’s proceeds, loan payoffs, Realtor commissions, related fees for recording etc.
Prepare and send final documents.

Lawyers are not usually involved in residential real estate purchases in Arizona.

How to Search Arizona Homes Online

How to Search Arizona Homes Online

We have helped countless out of state and out of country buyers find homes in Arizona. Having moved internationally a couple of times and across the country more times than I want to recollect, it is easy for me to remember that flutter in the tummy and the little pang of fear as we started to, yet again, look for our new home in a strange place.

I can safely say that I can empathize with our buyers who get off a plane here and start looking for a new home or even a vacation or holiday home in sunny Arizona. I remember when I arrived and drove around for an hour trying to find a good steakhouse, (true story).

Arizona Home with 2 car garage with 3 bedrooms

Our clients who move from Europe are generally amazed at the local search capability we have locally here in the Metro-Phoenix market, while our Canadian clients are usually surprised that we don’t have the capability to search for listings throughout the state and the rest of the country as well. One of the most important things we tell our out of country buyers is that our services are for the most part paid by the seller and FREE to the buyers. Another thing our European buyers need to know is that the property conveys (is delivered) to the buyer in the same condition as it is when they first see it, unless changes are specified in the contract. In some European countries, Germany for example, kitchen cabinets are considered personal property and are often removed by the sellers. This is not the case here in Arizona. After helping many out of state and out of country buyers and sellers we have come to know many of the differences you will encounter when buying an Arizona property and we do our best to anticipate and explain each step of the process to our clients. We know buying a property can be stressful and even more so when you are not familiar with the local customs. It is our goal to make buying an Arizona property as easy and comfortable as we possibly can.

The largest source of listings of homes for sale in metro Phoenix is the Arizona Regional Multiple Listings Service which is referred to as the Multiple Listing Service “MLS.” Access to the local MLS is generally limited to the member Realtors, however, agents can provide what is called an IDX link to their websites to provide search capabilities for their clients.

MLS home listing information is available online to the general public in various forms. However, not all of the information is shared with the public and when it is, it is usually on a twenty-four hour to forty-eight hour time delay, due to the frequency of updates from the local MLS providers to the large national sites like and Trulia, etc. Most folks don’t realize that they are getting old, out of date information when they search on the web for home listings. Many of the great properties are long gone before before most buyers are ever aware of them.

In order to give our clients the most current listings as they come on the market we utilize an direct link to our MLS provider. Every listing is available to our clients as soon as the agents upload them to the system. There is no 24 hour to 48 hour time delay. It is more expensive for us to use the direct link but we want our buyers to have the the first access, to beat other buyers to the best deals.

Our search link for all of the Metro-Phoenix listings, on the market this minute, in all price range, is up here to your right. Feel free to use it as our guest. If you have any questions or if you would like to see any of the properties you discover, contact us and we will be happy to help you.